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Messages From Beyond the Grave - 
Solve the Mystery of the Famous

"Lady in Black"

Date:  Sunday, August 22, 2021
Time:  11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location:  Central City and Nevadaville (exact meeting location will be given out upon reservation)


Ever hear about the famous "Lady in Black"?   


As the story goes, twice a year a mysterious woman in a black victorian-style dress visits the grave of John E. Cameron.


Nobody knows exactly who the woman or John Cameron is,  just that they had apparently lived in the Central City Area.

In front of Cameron's tombstone lies a flowerpot. The woman in the black dress visits the gravesite and leaves flowers in memory of Cameron.  Read More here: Haunted Colorado: Central City Masonic Cemetery

First we will meet at The Easy Street Casino in Central City to discuss how to be a "Psychic Detective", then we will visit Nevadaville where it is rumored the Mystery Lady may have lived.  We will also walk the very trail that she travels to visit John Cameron's grave.  Through remote viewing and other methods, we will attempt to  "connect" with this famous lady, as well as visit the Masonic Cemetery on the very day where she appears before many on her yearly pilgrimage.

Will you see her?  Can we solve the mystery of this beautiful Lady in Black?  Let's find out!

ADVANCED TICKET PURCHASE REQUIRED.  Tickets are $30/ea General Public and $25/ea for Kindred Spirits Society Members ($40/couple for KSS members).  To become a member please visit our Membership Page.

To purchase tickets please click on the Paypal link below.  If you wish to pay using an alternative method contact Dori at (720) 453-4733.

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