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"Voices from the Grave"
at Cheesman Park

Sunday, July 30, 2023

2-5 PM

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"Voices from the Grave" -

Investigation of the Famously Haunted Cheesman Park


Sunday, July 30, 2023  2-5 pm

Cost:  $20 general admission;  $30/couple    KSS Members take $5 discount  - for Member info click HERE

(Note:  this event was rescheduled from a previous date).


​This is not your customary ‘walk in the park’ paranormal investigation!


Come join Kindred Spirit’s Exploration Team as we revisit this ‘fully loaded’ Gravesite.  We say Gravesite, rather than just a park, because it reportedly has over 2,000 graves, some holding more than one body abandoned to the elements, it comes as no surprise that the Spirits of these forgotten, looted, and sometimes desecrated bodies continue to make their presence known, not only at Cheesman Park but in the neighborhood that surrounds it.

Most people know the haunted history of the park - but did you know it was once home to Native Americans?  We will investigate a special part of the park where witnesses say they have seen signs of a history long past.  



Workman coming into the park to fix pipes have discovered bodies or pieces of bodies just beneath the surface. Almost immediately, when the bodies began to be removed from the cemetery in 1893, strange things began to happen.  One of the first reports was when a gravedigger named Jim Astor felt a ghost hand upon his shoulders.  Astor, who had been looting the graves as he moved the bodies, immediately ran from the graveyard and failed to return to work the next day.

Those living in residences surrounding the graveyard began to report sad and confused looking spirits knocking at their doors and windows, as well as the sounds of moans coming from the still yet open graves.

Today, these restless spirits are still said to occupy the park as dozens of tales continue to be told of paranormal activities taking place.  Most visitors tell of feelings of unexplainable sadness or dread in a place, that is today meant for pleasure and relaxation.  Other reports are more specific, often including the sounds of hundreds of whispering voices and moans that continue to come from the fields where the open graves once laid.


Our investigation includes a demonstration of the techniques called Remote Viewing and Remote Sensing . Techniques requiring little or no equipment which allows the seeker to see visions, or full bodied apparitions, as well as sense the presence of Spirits and/or hear the voices delivering messages from the gravesite.  The Demonstration will be given by Dori Spence, a professional parapsychologist. For over 40 years she has acquired fame and acclaim by assisting families as well as Law Enforcement agencies across the US in providing  evidence about a crime or suspected crime using these psychic techniques.



Tickets are $20 for the general public ($30/couple) and Kindred Spirits Members may take a $5/ticket discount (to join, please see our membership page).  Pre-registration and ticket purchase is required.   Tickets may be purchased using the Paypal link below, or for alternative payment methods contact us at (720) 453-4733. 

Note if paying by Paypal:  You will receive confirmation of your payment via Paypal in an email.  Kindred Spirits Society will not send you confirmation or actual tickets to the event.  If you would like, you may print out your Paypal confirmation and bring it with you the day of the event as proof of purchase.   If you are purchasing for more than one person at a time, please contact us with their name so we may get everyone checked in properly.

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