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Haunted History of the

Denver Firefighters Museum

Open House and Investigation

Date:  Sunday, March 11, 2018

Time:  Open House 5-8 pm (Free), Investigation 8-10 pm

Join us for a fantastic event that wil reveal the haunting history of the historic – and VERY haunted – Denver Firefighters Museum!


The building was constructed in 1909 as Denver’s Fire Station #1.  It was an operating fire station for over 60 years, so there is naturally a lot of history that has taken place at this site.  As a fire station, the museum saw the last days of horse drawn engines, the advent of motorized rigs, and was host to many firefighters that lived and worked within its walls. 


Two of the most discussed spirits here are "Tom" and "Caleb".  Tom is said to be the spirit of a man that worked with the fire department in its early days, tending to the horses that pulled some of the earliest rigs here in Denver.  Different psychics and paranormal groups have said that Tom is a benevolent, if occasionally mischievous individual.  Shuffling papers and ringing fire bells are often attributed to him.  In the past, workers have even had to deal with printers suddenly and dramatically spitting out paper into our basement workspace!  Is this the work of Tom?

Caleb, according to visiting psychics, is the spirit of a young man who died near the site of the museum and was even supposedly buried on site.  His burial site, or at least the area of the museum most associated with his activity, is an office supply area frequently referred to as "Caleb's closet".  Past museum workers have stated that the atmosphere in this area is "heavy" and report feelings of being watched while in the closet.  The door to the closet is usually kept closed, as many believe that Caleb's spirit prefers this set-up.  One interesting note - the concrete in this closet has been re-poured multiple times and has never properly set.  Even today, the floor in this area has an uneven, rippled appearance, almost as if it has been stirred before it could set.


In addition, workers and visitors have reported sounds with no apparent source (such as children's voices in what was found to be an empty bathroom, and footsteps in an apparently deserted museum) and even produced some interesting photographs.  We frequently host paranormal groups who visit the museum in order to conduct research on the possible incorporeal inhabitants of our building.

So, is the museum haunted?  Why not find out for yourself?  Kindred Spirits Society (aka:  SPOOKS, Inc.) is hosting an investigation of this amazing historic building.  It's open to teens and adults and includes a haunted history tour and presentation,  and then we will split off into groups and investigate all three floors of the building, including the basement where guests are normally not allowed due to extreme paranormal activity!  Bring your cameras, digital recorders and other devices as we have caught some AMAZING evidence here in years past.

The museum will be sponsoring a free Open House from 5-8 PM.  At 7 PM we will be having a presentation about the History and Mystery of the Museum, including sharing spooky stories and photos of evidence captured in investigations of the past.  At 8 PM we will break into groups and investigate all three floors of the building, from the basement to the top floor.  You will be guided by professional investigators on each floor and rotated throughout the event so that you can investigate very corner of this very historic - and haunted - building!

COST:  The investigation is $15/pp for non-members of Kindred Spirits Society.  Members get a $5 discount (for membership details please visit our MEMBERSHIP page).  If you want to pay at the door, the cost is $20/pp.  We take credit cards, cash, or checks.  PLEASE REMEMBER YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SEAT IN ADVANCE as there is a limited number of people who can attend this event!  For reservations see below.


Payment and reservations for tickets can be purchased via PayPal using the button below, below or Call Us at (303) 776-3611 or Contact Us with the number in your party. 

Don’t miss out on some ghostly fun!  See you there!

TO PAY NOW SECURELY VIA PAYPAL, Please Click on the Button Below:

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