"Dining with the Dead" 

Remote Viewing & Communication

This event is offered at various locations throughout the year.  Check out our Facebook page for an updated list of events.

Join us as we "Dine" with the dead at cemeteries throughout Colorado!


Details and exact locations to be announced.   Check out our Facebook page for latest dates/locations/times. 

You are welcome to bring your own lunch or you can patronize one of the many drive-through restaurants in the area.  We will be covering remote viewing and the use of dowsing rods to connect with the spirits at the site.  Feel free to bring your  cameras and any equipment, but we ask out of courtesy for our fellow investigators and those present in the area, please no noisy equipment such as "Spirit Boxes".

If locations nearby are open we may meet afterward to discuss our findings.

ADVANCED TICKET PURCHASE REQUIRED.  Tickets are $20 for the general public and $15 for Kindred Spirits Members and one guest (to join, please see our membership page).  


Tickets may be purchased using the Paypal link below, or for alternative payment methods contact us at (720) 453-4733.