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Haunted History Tour and
"Voices from the Grave"
in Historic Littleton

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Meet at 10:30 am for History Tour

Meet at Littleton Cemetery 1:00 for "Voices from the Grave"

Get two spooky events for the price of one!


First we will meet up in historic Old Littleton and tour some of the most haunted buildings in this town:  the Town Hall, the Nunnery, The Melting Pot, and the boarding house where Alferd Packer stayed.  Then, we will go over to the Littleton Cemetery to see the famous gravesite of Alferd Packer, as well as try to hear "voices from the grave" to see what else we might find!

About Haunted Littleton:

The Town Hall Arts Center was formerly the Littleton City Hall and fire station.  There have been reports of footsteps and banging walls in the upper reaches of the building. 

The former Carnegie Library, now home to the Melting Pot, is Littleton's most ghostly gathering place. The building was also used as Littleton's jail for a time and an escaped inmate was killed on a back stairway.  Restaurant employees tell tales of moving espresso machines, candles lighting themselves, and eerie voices emanating from the sealed-up stairway. 

About Alferd Packer:  (story courtesy of Atlas Obscura)

The Littleton Cemetery is the final resting place of Alferd Packer, a Civil War veteran, shoemaker, mountain guide, and one of the world's most infamous cannibals.

Packer was born in Pennsylvania in 1842, a shoemaker by trade, and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1862 amidst the Civil War. Less than a year after enlisting, he was discharged due to epilepsy and made his way west, working in the gold fields of the Colorado and Utah wilderness.

In November of 1873 Packer took a group of 21 prospective gold investors into the Rockies. In February 1874, Packer set out again with five of the prospectors. The winter was worse than originally anticipated; supplies ran low and sub-zero temperatures took its toll on the group. After spending the brutal winter months in the Rocky Mountains, Packer returned with the wallets and some possessions of the five men, and looking surprisingly fit. He claimed the men had died from exposure on the trail, and later admitted that some of the group did indeed die from exposure, but the other men ate their corpses along the way.

Packer claimed the last man with him went mad and he had to kill him in self defense. A search party was sent to recover the bodies and instead of finding five bodies strewn along the trail, five skeletons were found at their campsite. Packer was arrested but escaped his jail cell. He was found nine years later in Wyoming and was brought back for trial in Colorado. His story about what happened in the winter of 1873 changed again and he was convicted of 5 counts of manslaughter and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Packer was paroled after 18 years of prison and worked as a security guard for the Denver Post. He maintained his innocence until the end of his life. Because he was a veteran, the military paid for his funeral and standard veteran headstone.



One ticket buys both events!  Come to one or stay for all. 


Tickets are $20 for the general public ($30/couple) and Kindred Spirits Members may take a $5/ticket discount (to join, please see our membership page).  Pre-registration and ticket purchase is required.   Tickets may be purchased using the Paypal link below, or for alternative payment methods contact us at (720) 453-4733.  Littleton residents will receive a $5 refund with proof of residency on the day of the event.


You will receive confirmation of your payment via Paypal in an email.  Kindred Spirits Society will not send you payment confirmation or actual tickets to the event (paper or digital).  If you would like, you may print out your Paypal confirmation and bring it with you the day of the event as proof of purchase, however this is not necessary as we will contact you a day or two before the event to confirm that you are coming.  If you are purchasing for more than one person at a time, please contact us with their name so we may get everyone checked in properly.

If you do not wish to pay via Paypal we do accept other forms of payment or you can pay the day of the event, however you will still need to register in advance.  Contact us for more information.

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