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Have you always wanted to hone your psychic skills?  Do you wonder how psychic mediums can contact the other side and get messages from beyond?  


Come join internationally-acclaimed psychic medium Dori Spence as she shows you how everyone has a psychic ability that may be latent and, similar to a muscle in the body, just needs to be developed properly to work at full capacity.  


Dori is the founder of Kindred Spirits Society International, a Colorado-based paranormal educational non-profit organization with numerous Kindred Spirits - both members and followers - throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  Dori also works as a Professional Life Coach, Medium , Parapsychologist, Psychic Channel, and Inspirational Speaker.  She works with personal clients, corporations, private investigators, and law enforcement agencies providing valuable and sometimes crucial information that is not available through traditional or conventional channels.  She lectures on current research and discoveries in paranormal and psychical studies, and shares her experiences and expertise through classes and symposiums.

Dori's personal and professional involvement in metaphysics and psychic studies spans more than 40 years.  Her career has included invovlement in high profile criminal cases, and has led to countless interviews on nationwide TV shows including The Today Show as well as being documented in major newspapers such as the Denver Post and the New York Times.

Most of Dori's classes are also offered through the Longmont Parks and Recreation Center for various prices, and Kindred Spirits members always receive a substantial discount on these classes.  To become a member, please visit our Membership Page.

Occasionally Dori will offer a private class or workshop.  You may learn more about Dori's upcoming classes and workshops  click the button below to visit our FACEBOOK PAGE.


Kindred Spirit Society also helps host events around the U.S.  These include private paranormal investigations, guest speakers, Spirit Sprees, and many others.    Events are listed on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

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