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Haunted History of the

Longmont Firehouse Arts Center

Psychic Investigation



Date:  Saturday, April 13, 2019

Location:  Firehouse Arts Center, 667 4th Avenue, Longmont

Time:  Doors open at 7 pm – investigation will last approximately 1-1/2 hours.  There will be a Q&A session afterwards at a downtown location (TBD) where we will discuss our findings.

Cost:  $25.00/person or $35.00/couple.  Kindred Spirits Members may attend at a discount of $5/off.

Is the Longmont Firehouse haunted?  Come see for yourself!

Join psychic medium Dori Spence and members of the Kindred Spirit Investigative Team as we conduct a full-scale investigation of this historic building.  We will take you in and through the various rooms that housed long-time residents, as well as into rooms that are normally unavailable to the public, such as the very haunted cellar beneath the building. This investigation will be mostly “psychic” as you will learn to open up your mind and your senses to see behind the veil between our world and the world of those who have passed on. However, you are welcome to bring your cameras and other investigation tools to verify your findings.*  We will also have equipment for you to borrow.



The Longmont Fire Department Station was actually the second building to house the Longmont Fire Department.  .  (It is reported that Longmont had as many as 6 fire departments at one time, including Hook and Ladder companies).  The first building was actually an 1885 school building located at 4th and Coffman Streets – they even used the old school bell to alert the firefighters.  That building was eventually torn down and the “new” fire building was completed in 1908.  The school bell was eventually replaced by a new and better bell, weighing in at a hefty 900 lbs.  That bell stood at the top of the firehouse for many years but was eventually taken down and moved to various parts of the city.  This 1908 building remained in use as an active fire station until 1971, and eventually became the Firehouse Arts Center in 1985, which is its primary use today.




As with many old fire stations across the U.S. there is a great deal of paranormal activity associated with this building, no doubt due to the fact that many brave firefighters ate, slept, and spent most of their lives in these four walls – only to end up falling victims to the ferocious fires that became their final destiny.


Visitors at the Firehouse Arts Center have reported a general feeling of “uneasiness” that is prevalent in many rooms of this historic building.  Kindred Spirits Society conducted a full investigation last year, and we found that many of the previous inhabitants never left!  These included not only firefighters but also some of the homeless persons and other visitors to the firehouse over the years.   All of our findings dovetail into the actual history of this location.




Due to limited availability you MUST purchase your ticket in advance to this event.  To purchase your ticket please click on the PayPal at the bottom of this page. 


QUESTIONS?  For questions, please call Dori at (720) 453-4733 or email





$25.00/person, $35.00/couple (any two people coming together)


Kindred Spirits Society Members receive a $5 discount on the above ticket prices.  VERY IMPORTANT:  being a member of a Meetup does NOT constitute membership to KSS.  You must sign up separately on the Kindred Spirits Society website.  Cost of membership is only $20/person per year.  For details and to purchase a membership, please visit our membership page.


Don’t miss out on this fun and informative investigation – see you there!

* Out of respect for the spirits and other investigators please do not bring Spirit Boxes or other equipment that puts out constant noise levels.  We welcome you to use your mag lites, K2's, Ovilus devices (turned to silent) and other equipment that will help you verify your findings.  We will have dousing rods and other equipment on hand for you to borrow.  Thank you!

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