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Become an Affiliate

Do you have an organization, service, or paranormal investigation team?  Would you like to advertise your services and events for FREE, giving you exposure to over 5,000 members (and growing!) in our membership roster as well as on our Facebook page?


Becoming an Affiliate Member of Kindred Spirit Society International will give you all of that and more.  You and your immediate group will also get VIP access to all of our exclusive events, tours, and conventions. 

Affiliate membership is open to individuals as well as companies and organizations.

Our Affiliate Fee is only $50.00(USD) per year.  To become an Affiliate please click on the PayPal payment link first, and then return to this page and complete the form below (you will only need to  click on the payment button once to complete your payment).  If you have any questions you may call us at (720) 453-4733.

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