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Connecting with Spirits

at Cheesman Park


Event has been Postponed to a future date. 

Date:  Saturday, July 11, 2020

Time:  12:30 PM to 3:30 PM (After the investigation we may meet at location TBD to discuss our findings)

Location:  Cheesman Park, 1900 East 11th Avenue, Denver, CO - Meet at the Pavillion

Most Denver residents know the haunted history of Cheesman Park - and the fact that it is one of those paranormally-active locations in the state!

Originally the Mount Prospect Cemetery, this was Denver's first burial ground established in 1859.  The cemetery fell into disrepair so a Colorado senator petitioned to change the badly-kept cemetery grounds to a beautiful city park, which was passed in 1890.  Families were given 90 days to remove the bodies of their kin, but unfortunately most of the "residents" of the cemetery either had no family close by or were buried in vagrant's, criminals, pauper's graves, so nearly 5,000 bodies were unclaimed and continued to rot beneath the soil.

In 1893, The City of Denver then awarded a contract to undertaker E.P. McGovern to remove the remains. McGovern was to provide a "fresh" coffin for each body and then transfer it to the Riverside Cemetery at a cost of $1.90 each. The macabre work began on March 14, 1893, while an assorted audience of curiosity-seekers and reporters came and went. For the first few days, the transfer was orderly. However, the unscrupulous McGovern soon found a way to make an even larger profit on the contract. Rather than utilizing full-size coffins for adults, he used child-sized caskets that were just one foot by 3½ feet long.  Hacking the bodies up into several pieces, McGovern sometimes used as many as three caskets for just one body. In their haste, body parts and bones were literally strewn everywhere in a disorganized mess. Their haste also allowed souvenir hunters and onlookers to help themselves to items from the caskets.

Today, the bits and pieces of those bodies still remain under the verdant soil of one of Denver's most peaceful parks.  Local residents in the area can attest that they have seen and experienced spiritual energy in that area, with some residents even witnessing figures standing at their windows or knocking loudly on their doors.  Many paranormal groups have visited the park and come back with amazing evidence through photography and other equipment, in particular dowsing rods, which can locate the various body parts as well as communicate with the spirits therein.

Bring a sack lunch and a blanket, as well as any equipment you have.  We will be giving a presentation on the use of the dowsing rods so please bring a set if you have them (some may be available for use on loan at the event).

Cost is $15 for KSS Members and guests and $20 for the General Public.   Pre-registration and advance payment is required to attend.  Please complete your payment via Paypal using the button below, or call us at (720) 453-4733 to make alternate payment arrangements.

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