Psychic Readings


Psychic medium Dori Spence offers two types of psychic readings: Personal/Life Readings and Location/Site Readings. 


Personal or Life Readings 


Personal or life readings will give you an overview of the changes in your current life circumstances, and how these aspects of your life are affecting your overall spiritual, mental, and even physical well-being.  Life circumstances  may include relationships, events, and/or your overall physical health.  Learn how these situations may be adversely affecting your "Soulistic" health and Spiritual well-being.   Through Dori's psychic intuitive guidance, you can expand your self awareness which will inspire you to make more positive life choices in alignment with your own Destiny.  

Location or Site Readings


Are you experiencing paranormal activity in your home or office, or are you unsure of living in a location that may have a "past"?  You could benefit from a location or site reading!    These readings may ascertain past events or people whose energies still inhabit your location, and offer solutions on dealing with those energies in a positive, safe, and effective manner.   

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About Dori

Dori Spence is the Founder and Executive Director of Kindred Spirits Society International, a Colorado-based paranormal educational non-profit organization with numerous "kindred spirits" - both members and followers - throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  Dori also works as a Professional Life Coach, Medium , Parapsychologist, Psychic Channel, and Inspirational Speaker.  She works with personal clients, corporations, private investigators, and law enforcement agencies providing valuable and sometimes crucial information that is not available through traditional or conventional channels.  She lectures on current research and discoveries in paranormal and psychical studies, and shares her experiences and expertise through classes and symposiums.

Dori's personal and professional involvement in metaphysics and psychic studies spans more than 40 years.  Her career has included invovlement in high profile criminal cases, and has led to countless interviews on nationwide TV shows, as well as being documented in major newspapers including the Denver Post and the New York Times.

Dori shares her personal experiences and expertise about the "invisible" life, specifically the "Ghost Phenomenon", through a company she founded in 2003. As the Tour Guide for Step In Time Tours, she provides Haunted History Tours and talks for a number of cities and towns spanning Colorado, including Longmont, Loveland, Erie, Frederick, and Lyons, and well as the famously haunted Central City, as well as in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

How to Order Your Reading

The cost of the above readings are:


General Public:  $100 for a 90-minute session

Kindred Spirits Members:  $75 for a 90-minute session.   For membership details click Here.

Advanced payment is required.  First, FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM BELOW.  Then you may pay now using our PayPal button below the form.  Dori will get back to you with further instructions.   If you would like to pay another way please contact Dori at (720) 453-4733.